Training Services

In addition to an introductory pre-sale training lasting up to 2 hours, SmartPTT provides on-site and remote technical training services for Motorola Partners and end-users. For end-users, the service is typically carried out on the end-user’s system, so the training is more relevant. For Motorola Partners, we offer technical trainings remote, at SmartPTT, or at the Motorola Partner’s location.


The minimum training time is 1 working day (up to 8 hours, excluding a lunch break). Delays due to customer or partner issues (e.g. network or radio system issues) are billable time and additional hours or days will be charged as needed. Delays due to SmartPTT are not billable to the customer.


The training courses include:

  • Dispatcher Training: This training is focused on the proper use and configuration of SmartPTT for the daily operations by a dispatcher.
  • System Administrator Training: This training is focused on the configuration of the SmartPTT radioserver based on the end-user’s system. Also included, is an in-depth coverage of the dispatcher application based on the end-user’s system.
  • Partner Technician Certification Training: Get your technicians certified on the installation, configuration, and maintenance of SmartPTT. This training can be done in our Miami office or at your facility (if equipment is available).

For details, please contact your regional manager.


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