Technical Trainings

In addition to introductory pre-sale training lasting up to 2 hours, SmartPTT provides the service of technical trainings for the clients’ engineers. The service is carried out on the customer’s system and available for purchase in two variations – remote trainings and on-site trainings

The minimum quota is 1 working day (up to 8 hours, excluding a lunch break). Delays due to customer or partner issues (e.g. network or radio system issues) are billable time and additional hours or days will be charged as needed. Delays due to SmartPTT are not billable to the customer.

The training courses include:

Dispatchers Administrators
  • SmartPTT Dispatcher First Start
  • Dispatcher Sound Settings
  • Operator Permissions
  • Panel Layout Configuration
  • Call Window Functionality
  • Working with Subscribers
  • Conference Calls
  • Working with Event Log – Sorting, Grouping, Filtering
  • Maps, GPS, Routes, Track Drawing and Animation
  • Rules and Alerts
  • Routing Table Configuration
  • Using Custom Consoles
  • SmartPTT Remote Assistance
  • SmartPTT Architecture, System Design
  • SmartPTT System Requirements, Network Bandwidth Requirements, MOTOTRBO Firmware Requirements
  • SmartPTT Radioserver Installation
  • Radioserver Configurator Overview
  • Radioserver General Settings
  • Radio Network Services
  • Radioserver Event Log
  • Radioserver Log&Activity
  • Permission Profiles
  • Rules Tab
  • Radio Network Settings
  • SmartPTT Dispatcher Installation
  • SmartPTT Dispatcher App Basic Configuration (includes Dispatcher learning course)
  • SmartPTT Monitoring
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Coverage Map
  • Network Topology
  • Hardware Diagnostics
  • Monitoring Analytics
  • Monitoring Reports
  • Report Wizard
  • SmartPTT Remote Assistance 

SmartPTT provides technical training service on the basis of Service Agreement.

There are special terms of the technical training service for different regions. For details, please contact your regional manager.