Breakdowns at transmission lines can lead to blackouts in neighborhoods and even cities. In this case, service teams should be informed immediately and react quickly to provide repair works.

Reduce outage time and save on labor costs

SmartPTT-based digital radio system provides efficient communications for dispatchers and personnel involved in technical maintenance on electrical grids

Minimized equipment downtime with notifications of the failures to the dispatcher and maintenance teams
The outage time with the ability to see the subscribers on the map and assign the closest work crew to the site
Easy management of work orders by utilizing the Job Ticketing feature
Operational cost efficiencies: Lone Worker and Man Down capabilities coupled with GPS or Indoor Tracking eliminate the need to send two employees to do the job of one employee
Control of the response to the emergency, by dispatching response teams to the location of the emergency based upon location information provided by GPS
Higher worker safety provided by emergency signals sent by MOTOTRBO radio to the SmartPTT dispatcher if the worker presses the emergency button


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