To ensure student safety, school transportation and security teams need a reliable communication solution that supports day-to-day operations and incident investigations

A dispatch system that enhances communication efficiency and increases staff and student safety

SmartPTT protects students at school as well as on their way to campus, it allows to easily expand an on-campus communication network, and helps to respond more quickly during an emergency.
Prevent abuse of the radio system by knowing who is talking and having the event log to provide accountability
Quickly notify all radio users or select talkgroups of an emergency or an important message
Know the location of buses and staff to ensure a faster response during an emergency
Interoperate between the school’s MOTOTRBO radio system and public safety agencies’ P25 systems during incidents
Cost-effective expansion of the communication system using the SmartPTT Mobile app to let staff communicate via voice and text, create talk groups, or inform about emergencies


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