SmartPTT protects the students of Shenzhen Polytechnic

Elcomplus and Chinese system integrator have implemented a MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect system and the SmartPTT PLUS software at Shenzhen Polytechnic. The security service has reduced employees’ response times and enhanced incident prevention.



As global terrorism and school shootings grow, school and university security services must enhance the safety measures they take. While controlling common acts of teenager aggression, security services have gained a new responsibility of preventing terrorism at the campus.

Going back to in-person education after Covid-19, educational institutions must consider modern security solutions. Last year, Shenzhen Polytechnic Institute modernized their security dispatch system, to improve campus safety.

“The client was looking for an integrated solution that would enhance security control

both inside the buildings and outside, on the campus.”

Zhang Yang,

Motorola Channel Sales Manager


Need for:

  • Tracking security employees throughout the campus
  • Enhancing school access control systems



  • 1 MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect system and SmartPTT PLUS Software
  • 2 repeaters
  • 2 dispatch consoles
  • 100 subscribers

The integrated communication solution is built on a MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect system and SmartPTT PLUS software. It includes GPS and Indoor Location, and Voice and Event Logging. The system is easily scalable. Other SmartPTT PLUS features can be added anytime the end-user needs them.


Two of the University campuses were provided with repeaters able to cover 8 kilometers around them. Bluetooth beacons were installed in the buildings, which enabled dispatchers to track employees activity. The installation of all equipment took 3 days in total.

In the next step, two dispatch client positions were installed. The user interface was quickly configured to make the console interface easy to use.

The SmartPTT software was deployed and configured in only one day. The SmartPTT installation, along with acceptance testing and training, took less than 3 days.

Any system user may contact the SmartPTT Support team when needing assistance.


With a SmartPTT solution, the university gained a convenient campus security dispatch system and increased monitoring of the safety of their security officers. The management, in their turn, uses a new system for security work analysis and safety strategy enhancement.

“It is important to have a convenient dispatch and control solution. With SmartPTT,

the dispatchers work better and respond to events faster.”

Zhang Yang,

Motorola Channel Sales Manager


Voice Recording and Event Logging provide fast and accurate incident analysis, enable management to control employees work. Data analysis can help develop an integrated safety-enhancing strategy.

GPS Location reduces response times to security officers in distress. The dispatcher can identify the closest available officers to respond more quickly to an emergency. This can help reduce response times by several minutes.

Indoor Location helps to track security officers and control their work at the school entry.

The university plans to implement campus video surveillance and connect it to the SmartPTT system. The SmartPTT Mobile App will also be installed. This will provide a cost-effective solution for expanding the communication system, as it will eliminate the need to buy additional expensive equipment.


Along with MOTOTRBO, SmartPTT solutions work for security services and public safety all around the world. SmartPTT software is used in educational institutions, public safety, manufacturing, and many other industries.

Download SmartPTT to see it in action.

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