Mobile Application

Talk to your radio subscribers from anywhere in the World using your smartphone in LTE, 4G, or Wi-Fi networks

Seamless communications anytime and anywhere

SmartPTT Mobile PoC Client allows users to connect to other PoC subscribers, as well as to MOTOTRBO DMR radios from virtually anywhere in the world using your Android or iOS smartphone

Create or expand a corporate communication network without purchasing radios and frequencies
Access your radio system from outside of the coverage area; seamless communications with your staff even when off duty or on a business trip
Don't have a radio? No problem! SmartPTT Mobile lets you communicate with radio users and dispatchers without carrying around extra equipment
Fast call initiation using a hardware PTT button on some smartphone devices. This is convenient when you have no time to manipulate the screen



This feature is available in

Voice and data dispatch solution for MOTOTRBO
Voice and data dispatch solution for MOTOTRBO
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