Radio Network Bridging

Connect subscribers on different radio systems for interoperability or system migration

Interoperable communications

In case of emergency, schools, police, fire department, hospital and other city agencies need to easily and quickly contact each other – somebody’s life can depend on it. SmartPTT provides bridging of separate radio networks into a single communication environment, ensuring communication interoperability between different agencies.

Smooth migration from analog to digital: SmartPTT Bridging allows using both types simultaneously
Covering of different regions (interconnection of geographically distributed sites) and building complex multilevel bridging configurations due to cross-radioserver bridging
Reduced power consumption and increased channel availability in large distributed systems due to dynamic bridging of private and group calls between different systems and sites (based on the subscriber registration)
Easy and convenient routing management: you can create different predefined routing profiles according to industry specific requirements for radio communication. It can be general profile, profiles to perform some planned maintenance works, profiles to apply for some known emergency cases, and etc.



This feature is available in

Voice and data dispatch solution for MOTOTRBO
Voice and data dispatch solution for MOTOTRBO
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