Rules & Alerts

Various customizable rules and alerts for personnel safety and control.

Personnel safety and control

With customizable SmartPTT rules and alerts you will not only improve safety of employees working alone or in hazardous zones, but also maximize the efficiency of subscribers control, optimize workforce size and save on labor costs.

Emergency management: SmartPTT Dispatcher is alerted to a radio user in distress when the emergency button is pressed, Man Down is activated, or the Lone Worker timer times out. Pre-recorded voice notifications about emergencies (ex. Blast Alarms) initiated by Dispatcher allow notifying all subscribers simultaneously and save time for evacuation.
Fleet management: provide maximum fleet work efficiency by setting predefined routes and tracking deviations from them, controlling overly long transport downtime, speed and stops, etc.
Operational cost efficiency: eliminate the need to send two employees to do the job that can be done by one. The Lone Worker and Man Down capabilities coupled with GPS Tracking and geofencing ensure workers safety in hazardous areas.
Time saving with automated reactions on events (telemetry): use the GPIO pins on mobile radios to be notified of events (i.e. door open/ closed) or control a device (i.e. device on/off).



This feature is available in

Voice and data dispatch solution for MOTOTRBO
Voice and data dispatch solution for MOTOTRBO
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