GPS Location

Exact workers location at any moment and control of their entering hazardous zones

Safety and control

Increase personnel safety and their efficiency with GPS Tracking. Knowing the employees’ location in real time gives a situational awareness and helps make better decisions.

Enhance workers safety by control of their entering hazardous zones
Reduce response time during an emergency
Manage fleet more efficiently with configurable set of rules and alerts, including predefined routes, speed and stops control, etc.
Optimize personnel and time resources, based on the analysis of employees’ tracking reports
Ensure maximum productivity by tracking overly long transport downtime and the deviations from predefined routes
Let your dispatcher work comfortably: several maps of different types can be opened and arranged on the screen simultaneously, easy to place them on external display or plasma panel



In the coverage zone

Out of coverage

Indoor Positioning Methods

Position monitoring

Beacons are installed in the room in such a way, that it provides maximum coverage for the room and minimizes overlapping with beacons in adjacent rooms. The transmission interval for beacons can be set to a few seconds.
When a subscriber enters a room, his radio periodically sends automatic messages with the ID of the closest beacon, so SmartPTT can identify the room where the unit is located. Additional beacons can be installed to cover large rooms or to increase the accuracy of the positioning in different areas of a room. It’s recommended to configure the transmission power level of the beacons to minimize any overlap of their coverage.

Gate and key point monitoring

Beacons are installed at doors, gates or next to other key points. The power range of the beacons should be set to the minimum value with a minimum interval between transmissions.
A subscriber passing through the doors or key points with installed beacons will report the ID of those beacons. This helps SmartPTT determine that a subscriber has visited this key point. Such an approach is cost effective due to the minimal number of beacons required in case you want to track the route of an employee without need for an exact location.

This feature is available in

Voice and data dispatch solution for MOTOTRBO
Voice and data dispatch solution for MOTOTRBO
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