Sport & Events

A sporting event has many moving parts. SmartPTT enables dispatchers to maintain communications with all of them.

Streamlined Communications

SmartPTT protects students at school as well as on their way to campus, it allows to easily expand an on-campus communication network, and helps to respond more quickly during an emergency.
Whether you need to get a single message to every radio or you only need to talk to a specific group of radios, SmartPTT provides seamless communications
When an employee has an emergency, GPS and indoor location options help reduce response times. Interoperate with public safety agencies in case of emergency during an event
Having your radio system down or its capacity reduced during an event would be disastrous. With system monitoring you can know of hardware issues before they fail and plan for scheduled maintenance.
Job ticketing helps assign tasks to maintenance and housekeeping to ensure the facilities are in good condition during events


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