Santander 2014 ISAF Sailing World Championships

17 November, 2014
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Organisation: Santander 2014 ISAF
Sailing World Championships

Location: Spain

Solution Features:
– GPS Tracking
– Voice logging & recording


The Sailing World Championships are the most important regatta organised by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). Held every four years, the 2014 event was hosted in Santander, Spain, and brought together all Olympic sailing classes in a single competition. The lure of Olympic qualification for Rio 2016 attracted over 1,400 crew, more than 1,000 boats from 80 nations and thousands of spectators.

The ISAF team required a two-way radio system to efficiently coordinate races and safely manage the event. Working with Radiotrans and Gateco, ISAF looked for a radio system that could provide voice and data services and cope with the demanding meteorological conditions, including knocks and drops, high temperatures and sea spray. After reviewing available technologies it decided to install Motorola Solutions’ M0T0TRB0 digital two-way radio system. The robust radios – with built-in noise cancellation technology – provided crystal clear voice calls across 15 talk groups with voice services also available to officials’ boats across an area of 90km2. In addition, the system provided reliable data communications to support race-specific applications including voice recording and GPS location. The instant and reliable communications helped the organising team respond immediately to any issues and ensure the safe running of this prestigious international event…read the full version.

Motorola Solutions Products:

  • 120 DP4400 portable two-way radios
  • 20 DP4401 portable two-way radios
  • 6 DM4400 portable two-way radios
  • 3 DR3000 repeaters
  • Submersible remote speaker microphones