New SmartPTT Mobile: Multimedia Files Exchange, Server Switchover, and Background Mode

12 July, 2022
Release announcements

We are happy to announce the update of the SmartPTT Mobile app, which is now available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Multimedia Files Exchange

With the updated SmartPTT Mobile release, subscribers can now receive and transmit multimedia files in private and group chats. The functionality improves work efficiency by enabling teams to share

photos, videos, and audio recordings which can explain issues and tasks more clearly. The new SmartPTT Mobile feature allows to quickly share media files with no additional tools.

Server Switchover

We have added an automatic server switchover to the new SmartPTT Mobile. This functionality allows the user of the mobile application to stay connected when switching between Wi-Fi and LTE or losing connection with the server. The mobile application automatically connects to one of the redundant servers, and the user receives a notification about the connection failure. The functionality is available for SmartPTT Mobile users on Android OS.

Background Mode

The new the SmartPTT mobile app can run in the background mode. The user stays connected and receives alerts and incoming transmissions even when the application is not open. SmartPTT Mobile sends information about the status and location of the subscriber, regardless of whether the application is active on the smartphone. The functionality is available for Android OS devices.

Starting the release, users have information on the Caller ID in group calls. It allows to reduce the response time on events and emergencies, thus improving management effectiveness.

Learn more about the features of the updated SmartPTT Mobile in the Release Notes for Android and iOS devices.

SmartPTT Mobile supports different PoC devices. Find the list of supported devices and contact us if there is no the device you need – we’ll support it in a short period.