SmartPTT Express 2.2 release

15 October, 2019
Release announcements

SmartPTT Express 2.2 for DIMETRA Express has been released and is now available for download by request. The latest update includes a number of improvements and new functions.

RG-1000e gateways are now supported in SmartPTT Express. Analog Conventional Systems Interconnect in release 2.2 allows integrating with any system using RG-1000e. Gateway can connect to up to two donor radios via 4-wire E&M interface, bridging different systems these radios are belong to. It is a cost-effective solution if you have a group of subscribers using other digital or analog radios for including them in the SmartPTT Express system.

Ambience Listening is now available in SmartPTT Express 2.2. The dispatcher can initiate a hidden private call for gaining situational awareness and checking subscriber’s safety. The receiving radio at this moment does not demonstrate any activity or call identification.

SmartPTT Express 2.2 supports Radio Status messages. Status information is automatically saved in the Activity Log and in the individual Call Log. Last saved radio status is also available for the dispatcher by clicking on a radio marker on the map.

Additional Location Data presented in SmartPTT Express 2.2 provides the dispatcher with extended information about the radio station location, including coordinates accuracy, speed and direction of movement, and more. The dispatchers can customize the type of information according to their demands.

SmartPTT Express functions got a few improvements such as .WAV format support for Audio Archive records exporting, new noticeable radio marker color for emergency signals on the map, and improved interface for better user experience.

The last and important SmartPTT Express 2.2 enhancement that should be mentioned presents a more robust Hardware ID (HID) algorithm required to order a license. If your licenses were issued for any of previous releases, you should request a license update.

Find out more details in the official release notes. Request SmartPTT Express 2.2 demo now!