SmartPTT 9.011: Inter-Server Patching, Calls Monitoring for Capacity Max, OpenStreetMap in Web Console, other features and enhancements

12 July, 2022
Release announcements

The new SmartPTT Enterprise 9.011 with a scope of features bringing new capacities to Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO™ systems is already available upon request at

Inter-Server Patching

SmartPTT Enterprise 9.011 provides the ability to interconnect multiple SmartPTT radioservers. Inter Server Patching function allows cross-patching talkgroups between different radioservers and provides server-to-server voice routing. The multicast function allows to transmit voice to the cross-patch participants without sending the same packets multiple times. The number of cross-patch participants does not affect the amount of outgoing traffic from the radioserver. All of the voice calls are logged on all affiliated radioservers.

The feature allows managing communication of geographically distributed subscribers: the calls made to a talkgroup included in the cross-patch will be transmitted to all participants of the cross-patch, even if they are on different radioservers.

Report Tool

In the 9.011 release, a standalone tool for the creation of reports based on the SmartPTT Dispatcher, SmartPTT Radioserver, and Monitoring databases is available. The Report Tool allows the creation of Event Log, Subscriber Locations, and Subscriber Activity reports, as well as Monitoring reports: Air Monitoring, Events, System Usage, Calls, Data. Configurable parameters of reporting (period, system, radio, day, time, etc.) allows for precise reports for specific needs. For the dispatcher, it is a convenient independent tool for generating reports for large databases with no dispatch console overload.

Calls Monitoring for Capacity Max

SmartPTT Enterprise 9.011 provides monitoring, logging, and reporting on voice and data transmitted in Capacity Max. Reports are generated in the SmartPTT Report Tool. Configurable settings and filters allow to set reports for different objects of the radio system, events, periods, etc. Various popular formats are available in the solution to save and download reports: editable tabular format (XLS, XLSX), row data format (CSV), and others.

OpenStreetMap in Web Console

In the 9.011 release, we supported OpenStreetMap (OSM) in the SmartPTT Web Console. You can connect SmartPTT either to public OSM server, or your own OSM server deployed internally (using Switch2OSM or other software). Local server configuration is centralized in the SmartPTT Radioserver Configurator. Using local OSM servers allows the secure storage of company’s commercial data and/or use of custom map tiles.


Improved Custom Console UI. We enhanced the appearance of the custom console elements to make the user experience more efficient. The improvements include updated channel selectors and a new design of radio tiles.

R7 Subscriber Radios Support. SmartPTT Enterprise 9.011 is tested for compatibility with the R7 subscriber radio from Motorola. Now subscribers can receive, make, and monitor all types of calls coming with Rajang/R7 with the initiator and recipient of the call indication (alias and ID) in all product topologies and MOTOTRBO systems.

Windows 11 and Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Support. SmartPTT Enterprise 9.011 is tested for the compatibility with Windows 11 and Microsoft SQL Server 2022.


Find the complete list of enhancements and capabilities in the Release Notes.

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SmartPTT Enterprise is an integrated voice and data dispatch software application for distributed MOTOTRBO™ radio networks. It is an optimal solution for networks based on MOTOTRBO repeaters as SmartPTT Enterprise can connect directly to MOTOTRBO repeaters through IP protocol and supports data operations through MOTOTRBO Network Application Interface (NAI). The solution supports both the digital functions of the MOTOTRBO radios and their analog mode for a seamless migration to a DMR system.