Radio Communication System Audit

Engineering audit of radio communication systems aims to reveal existing issues, give expert recommendations for their resolution and optimize the usage of company resources.

Engineering audit includes

  • Engineering analysis of the existing equipment fleet;
  • Detection of radio communication issues and recommendations for their resolution;
  • Assessment of further development and system retrofit;
  • Recommendations for system integration.

What results you get

  1. New engineering policy for the enterprise’s radio communication system;
  2. Staged implementation plan;
  3. Proposals for communication costs reduction.

How you benefit from the audit

  • Effective network structure in compliance with the requirements of corporate development.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs for corporate radio communication structure.
  • Integration of cutting-edge technologies and up-to-date solutions.
  • Increase in quality and reliability of the communication system operation.
  • Possibility for further growth of your radio communication system under the optimal investment.

Elcomplus offers audit services on contract-based conditions.

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