Service of Implementation

To make the systems work their best, we provide the service of the software implementation.

The service is available for purchase in two variations: remote implementation and on-site implementation.

The implementation services include:

  • Analysis of repeater and radio code plugs
  • Analysis of IP address map and network topology
  • Installation of SmartPTT radioserver software on a customer provided and pre-installed server
  • Installation of SmartPTT dispatch client software on customer provided and pre-installed computer(s)
  • Basic configuration of the SmartPTT radioserver software to the customer’s pre-installed MOTOTRBO radio system
  • Basic configuration of the dispatch client and user interface to the customer’s pre-installed radio system
  • Acceptance testing
  • System administrator training (one session, up to four hours)
  • Dispatcher training (one session, up to four hours)

If it is necessary to conduct additional training for the customer’s engineers, then training services can be provided with an additional fee.

The minimum quota is 1 working day (standard 8 hours, excluding lunch breaks). Downtime because of the fault of the customer is included in the quota and no refunds for the service are made. If downtime is because of the fault of a SmartPTT engineer, by agreement, additional days of work are not quota-based and are postponed to the nearest possible time. If the work was completed earlier by the equivalent of the minimum quota (for example, 1 day earlier because the customer configured additional workstations on their own), then an appropriate refund is made.

For details on the implementation service by SmartPTT and its prices, please contact your regional manager.

The services not included in the quoted time (unless specified):

  • Customer mandated safety trainings
  • Inputting of all subscribers into SmartPTT
  • Inputting of all iBeacons into SmartPTT when the Indoor Tracking option is being used
  • Creation of indoor or outdoor maps
  • Repeater and radio programming, though a SmartPTT technician will review code plugs in advance to make any suggestions
  • Customer enterprise network configuration
  • Customer PBX configuration

Any of the services above will require additional time to be quoted by SmartPTT.


SmartPTT provides implementation service on the basis of Service Agreement.

There are special terms of the implementation service provision for different regions. For details, please contact your regional manager