How to organize the work for several dispatchers in the same room conveniently?

12 April, 2018
Technical tips

SmartPTT sound settings include one important option – “Listen calls of other dispatchers” tab. Here you can set the dispatchers, you do not want to hear. This option is extremely important, when several dispatchers are working in the same room.

In this case, when one of the dispatchers is talking to the radio network, others will hear his real voice, and then, with a bit of delay, his voice over the radio network, causing an inconvenience. But there is a solution: in this tab you can set similar location number for the dispatchers in the same room and they will not hear each other any longer.

If you have multiple dispatch rooms, you can set a specific identifier for each room, and all dispatchers with the same identifier (within the same room) will not hear each other, while hearing dispatchers from other rooms.