New SmartPTT technical support policy

31 October, 2018

The latest software versions provide the best system operation. Our goal at SmartPTT is to provide you with a highly reliable product and future software enhancements. Today we are announcing our updated SmartPTT technical support policy and a special discount that will allow you to enjoy the latest and upcoming software versions at a much lower cost.

Starting in April 2019, SmartPTT will only provide technical support for the current SmartPTT version and the two previous major releases (see SmartPTT terms of technical support).

If you have an older version and require technical assistance, you will need to have a current software update (or to upgrade to a supported version) and technical support subscription:

  • If your update subscription expired within the last year, it is only necessary to buy one year of updates.
  • If your update subscription expired 2 or more years ago, you need to pay for 2 years of updates to get up to date.
  • Software updates and technical support will be available only with a valid update subscription.

Remember, when you purchase SmartPTT, the first year of software updates and technical support are included. During this period, our support technicians are available to assist you with configuration and troubleshooting. You can also pre-purchase multiple years of updates and support in advance to avoid any delays in getting new SmartPTT versions and technical support.

Update for less till December, 31, 2018

Order a subscription before December 31st, 2018 and we will update your license to the current version for the cost of only 1 year of updates and support, even if your subscription expired more than 2 years ago. You will get a technical assistance and all new SmartPTT versions during a 1 year from the date of purchase. Do not delay, update right now!

Write us at [email protected] or contact your dealer to get upgraded before December 31st, 2018!