Transportation – ABC Radio Taxi Maringa

28 mayo, 2015
Our projects

Organisation: ABC Radio Taxi Maringa

Location: Maringa, Brazil

Industry: Transportation

Partners: MOC Telecom


Motorola Solutions, a leading provider of mission-critical communications solutions and services to governments and companies, has implemented an automation solution in partnership with MOC Telecom which resulted in improvements to ABC Radio Taxi Maringa (Parana state, Brazil). The transport company has improved the management and fleet control service using MOTOTRBO system.

ABC Radio Taxi Maringa currently has 20 cars and is one of the largest passenger transport companies in the region. Prior to implementation, the company was using an analog system that did not allow time to schedule trips with precision. With Motorola Solutions system, the passenger comes into contact with the central company, which finds the closest taxi available from the site, making pick up process much faster.

In addition to reducing the response time, the solution increased security, as soon as the call is confirmed, the system sends data like plates, car model and passenger driver’s name. Motorola Solutions system also allows the use of an emergency button that alerts the center if there is any accident or occurrence with the driver.

System highlights

  • The system has 21 DM3600 radios, DR3000 repeater and SmartPTT dispatch software application used for fleet management
  • The adoption of new technology has increased customer satisfaction reducing waiting time
  • Safety of passengers has also increased because now they have access to driver data and an emergency button that ensures faster assistance in case of accidents
  • Better fleet management, fuel consumption has also been reduced, generating savings for the company and taxi drivers
  • The delivery service improvement brought more confidence and loyalty


Daniel Pereira de Carvalho, ABC Radio Taxi Maringa managing director.
“Everyone went out winning with the implementation of Motorola Solutions system. There was significant improvement in fuel. Taxi drives approved the solution and can already feel the results. Customers are also more satisfied with the agility of service”.

Andrew Keffer, Motorola Solutions channel director in Brazil.
“Motorola Solutions has always invested in solutions that connect and improve communication between companies and people. It’s great to know that we are contributing to the development of our clients in several areas”.