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1 julio, 2015
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Organisation: Spartak Stadium

Location: Russia

Spartak Stadium

Spartak Stadium, also known as the Otkritie Arena, is owned by FC Spartak Moscow, one of the most successful football teams in Russia. The team’s new stadium, which was completed in September 2014, has capacity for 42,000 people and will be used as a venue in the 2018 World Cup.

The challenge

Managing the operation of a large, modern football stadium is a complex job that requires lots of people to work together. The activities of workers on the ground need to be coordinated, , and tasks have to be allocated in the most efficient way possible. When issues occur, managers need to be able to identify the right person and whether they are available to tackle it. Sometimes workers in different parts of the stadium have to talk as a group to discuss a particular problem and high noise from crowds can make it difficult to be heard.

Spartak needed a radio communications system that would enable managers to communicate instantly with any worker on site, to hold group calls and to track performance. It also had to allow all workers on site to communicate with each other.

Clarity of sound was extremely important – the ability of workers to do their job could be compromised if external noise was interfering with on-site communication.

The solution

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System description

  • 250 DP2400 handsets
  • 80 DP4800 handsets
  • 20 SL4000 handsets
  • 2 DR 3000 repeaters
  • 4 MTR3000 repeaters
  • 320 IMPRES 2-wire surveillance kits
  • 10 lightweight headsets
  • 20 Surveillance earpiece with Mic and PTT combined

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