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15 mayo, 2015
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pic_motorola_Terras_de_Sao_JoseSao Paulo, May 13, 2015 – The Terras de São José complex located in Itu, Sao Paulo – the first residential complex in Brazil – has improved its security effectiveness and responsiveness after moving from an analog communications system to a digital system from Motorola Solutions.

Communications between the complex’s more than 120 security operators was limited under the previous system, as it did not provide adequate coverage for all 4,072 square kilometers of the complex. The lack of coverage caused problems such as interference, access by unauthorized parties, radios turned off during working hours, breaches of confidentiality and a reduced capacity to respond to requests for help. The migration from the analog system to Motorola Solutions’ MOTOTRBO digital radio system took one month, and the existing communication system was not affected during the deployment.

The new MOTOTRBO™ digital radio system will improve the quality of the communications between the security teams and the administration by making it possible to monitor vehicles using GPS and improve the processes of each department. During the second phase of the project, the management of the complex will add a telemetry application that allows users to turn on the lights at the heliport, report an emergency and contact a lone worker by simply pressing a button on their radios. The “Lone Worker” feature makes it possible to communicate with individual employees without using voice communications.


  • The system deployed at Terras de Sao Jose complex includes DGP 8050 and DGP 8550 portable radios, DGM 5000 and DGM 8000 mobile radios, as well as a repeater and SmartPTT, dispatch application software for MOTOTRBO™ radios.
  • The solution also includes a fleet management system through the SmartPTT software, with features such as Global Positioning System monitoring, transmission interruption, vehicle speed controls, alert calls, voice recording and much more.
  • The condominium complex spans a large area with 995 lots distributed throughout 4,072 square killometers, with two entrances and an infrastructure that includes 20 tennis courts, three soccer fields, a heliport, a restaurant, a cafeteria, a running track, a chapel and a golf course.
  • The Grupo Dharma Radiocomunicação, a provider of Motorola Solutions’ communication solutions operating in the Brazilian market for more than 20 years, managed the deployment of the MOTOTRBO voice and data system.


Aurino Tavares, security coordinator for the Terras de São José Complex

“Motorola Solutions has given us greater control over our services and has improved the integration of the complex’s 995 lots and infrastructure. Today, the technology is enabling administrators to make more precise decisions so that their departments operate well and, as a result, are able to optimize efficiency, reduce costs and meet the needs of the complex’s residents.”

André Keffer, channel director at Motorola Solutions Brazil

«The complex spans a very large area, which is why efficient communication between the security teams is so important. Our solution is providing thousands of residents with greater security and faster response times when they need it the most.»

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