Mining – Nui Phao Mining Company

4 septiembre, 2014
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Company: Nui Phao Mining
Location: Vietnam
System description:
– Capacity Plus system
– 1 repeater
– 1 dispatcher
– 235 subscribers


The Nui Phao mine is an open pit mine that represents one of the largest tungsten reserves in Vietnam. It is located in the northern part of Vietnam in Thái Nguyên Province and owned by Nui Phao Mining Company.

The vast territory of the mine demands ability to control the movements of the operating units, provide their safety and ensure discipline. These tasks can be accomplished by utilizing an effective communications system facilitating stable connection even is the lower parts of the mine. Nui Phao Mining used analog radio system that provided very limited opportunities for workers’ efficient interaction and coordination having no tools for tracking of the location of the teams and vehicles.  So they decided to migrate to a digital radio system that could give them more advantages for teams’ control and management.

The MOTOTRBO system that was chosen for installation at the mine provided flexible and extended voice calls opportunities along with the feature of location tracking of workers equipped with GPS-enabled radios. Coupled with SmartPTT software it represented a reliable and flexible solution for the dispatcher to be connected with operating units and security.

SmartPTT provides convenient interface for a dispatcher for their control and monitoring of the subscribers, as well as securing their safety. Dispatchers can create customizable consoles according to the most frequent operations and subscribers or groups spoken to. They can set various rules for automated actions and alerts to leave out personal activity in controlling the situation. Visualization of subscribers and their tracks on the map together with a system of statuses give the dispatcher understanding of the subscribers’ workload. These features and all others such as a system of reports and voice call recording help coordinate workers more effectively, make incidents analysis easier and maintain discipline at the mine.

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